Stacey Meadows, LCSW-C, E-RYT

A Holistic Approach to Mental Health

For over a decade Stacey has worked to serve the holistic wellness of her clients in Maryland and Washington, D.C.  Stacey understands that mental health does not exist in silo, and that true wellness requires care and attention be paid to "whole person" - mind, body, and spirit.  

Utilizing an integrative trauma-informed approach to treatment, Stacey engages clients in traditional and somatic psychotherapy, with complementary mind, body and energy practices.  Stacey approaches her work with compassion and curiosity, inviting clients on a journey to self-discovery, self-acceptance, and healing – and ultimately wellness in all facets of their lives. 


As a trainer and consultant, Stacey offers opportunities for clinicians and agencies across the state to deepen their work and enhance their skills, developing happier and more effective programs through a mindful and holistic approach to mental health treatment


Masters in Clinical Social Work: New York University
Advanced Certification in Child and Adolescent Trauma Treatment: University of Maryland School of Social Work

Licensed Certified Social Worker - Clinical, MD#16768

Licensed Board Approved Clinical Supervisor, MD

Certified in QPR Suicide Assessment

Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy Trained

Certified Critical Incident Stress Management with Children  

Play Therapy & Expressive Arts Therapy, Including Sand Tray

Somatic Psychotherapy
Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) 
 Usui & Karuna Ki Reiki Master

E-RYT Yoga Alliance
Certified Kids Yoga Teacher: KAY 



A mindfulness practice that incorporates body movement, breath control, and self-awareness, yoga supports the practitioner to feel connection and balance with their whole selves – mind, body and spirit.  Engaging the subtleties of a yoga practice help us to feel grounded, stable, relaxed, and compassion for ourselves and others.


Reiki is a traditional Japanese healing modality that supports the overall wellness of body and mind.  A non-invasive practice, reiki facilitates deep relaxation, promotes self-healing, and restores bodily and emotional energy.  






Meaningful training opportunities rejuvenate clinicians and inspire strong and creative clinical work.   Targeted problem solving and program evaluation enhances the overall effectiveness and quality of individual and agency practice.  Stacey has served as a trainer and consultant to support the work of educators, clinicians, and other therapeutic professionals, as well as agencies and communities across Maryland and DC.



Counseling services can benefit all people, in all walks of life.  Whether you are seeking support or guidance around a specific issue, looking to build self awareness, or decrease difficult symptoms, counseling can help.  

Therapy is the creation of a non-judgmental and confidential space where nothing is off the table.  Therapist and clients work together in creativity, connection, and purpose, to cultivate space for insight, compassion, and transformation - within and outside of the therapy office.  


Clinicians of all levels of training and experience

can benefit greatly from strong clinical supervision.  Clinical supervision gives clinicians a safe and confidential opportunity to:

  • Reflect deeply on their work

  • Navigate barriers and plateaus encountered in treatment with clients

  • Transfer theory into strong clinical practice

  • Advance therapeutic skills and techniques

  • Develop confidence in clinical skills and personal clinical style

  • Identify and navigate ethical issues, counter-transference, and cultural issues/bias in practice

While meditation has gained in popularity in the west over the last several decades, it is a practice that has been used over the world for centuries.  Meditation is a state of deep relaxation where focused attention allows the practitioner to shed anxieties, responsibilities, and fears, and use objectivity to explore the richness of this human experience.


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