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Stacey Meadows, LCSW-C, E-RYT

A Holistic Approach to Mental Health
About Me
Are you ready to see yourself in a new light?
Looking for an experience that explores and invigorates your whole being?
I'm so glad you're here!

Mental health does not exist in a silo.  Each one of us is a complex accumulation of our individual and collective experiences, living in a vibrant energetic body.  There is no "fixing" here -- rather, a lifetime of opportunity for exploration, understanding, and compassionate growth.  

In my early days as a social worker, I was a clinician by day, and yoga/mindfulness teacher by night, and occasionally moonlighting in the world of energy and spirituality.


Over time I found it impossible not to let these worlds begin to blur, then dance, and intermingle until there was no longer divide.  And how could there be?!  With the freedom to incorporate the whole self into this work, I watched my clients begin to expand and grow in ways that were profound and inspiring.

I began to see those before me stepping into their power, finding peace, embracing change, weathering storms in ways they never thought possible -- and  becoming a beacon for others wanting to do the same.

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Now scheduling:
Clinical Trainings
& Supervison
Holistic Psychotherapy
Mindfulness & Meditation Seminars
Professional Training & Consultation
Individual & Group Yoga Instruction
Reiki Treatments & Attunements
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Clinical Supervision

Reflect Deeply
Experience Confidence
Expand Capasity

Clinial Services
Holistic Health Modalities
Yoga Class


 A mindfulness practice that incorporates body movement, breath control, and self-awareness, yoga supports the practitioner to feel connection and balance with...

Meditation by the Sea


Meditation is a state of deep relaxation where focused attention allows the practitioner to shed anxieties, responsibilities, and fears, and use objectivity to explore the richness ....

Stone Tower


A non-invasive practice, reiki facilitates deep relaxation, promotes self-healing, and restores bodily and emotional energy.

Training & Consultation



Meaningful training opportunities rejuvenate clinicians and inspire strong and creative clinical work.   Targeted problem solving and program evaluation enhances the overall effectiveness and quality of individual and agency practice.  Stacey has served as a trainer and consultant to support the work of educators, clinicians, and other therapeutic professionals, as well as agencies and communities across Maryland and DC.

Pebble Beach
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