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Creating shifts through body movement.

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A mindfulness practice that incorporates body movement, breath control, and self awareness, yoga supports the practitioner to feel connection and balance with their whole selves -  mind, body, and spirit.  Engaging the subtleties of a yoga practice helps us feel grounded, stable, relaxed, and compassionate towards ourselves and others.  

Image by Mathilde Langevin

I was six months into a twice weekly yoga practice when it happened.  It was an extremely stressful day. As I sat at my desk I suddenly became aware of myself.  I noticed myself following deep long breaths as they flooded in, the rolled out of, my body.  I experienced my body soften, and my energy still.  It was glorious.  That was the first moment I knew I had found something amazing.  This was the day I started researching yoga teacher training programs.  Little did I know then how many of these moments were ahead of me, or how this experience would shape my work.

Yoga is a practice.  

A practice that is of the body, but transcends the body.

Yoga brings forward your capacity to heal 

without uttering a word.

"...when starting out on my yoga journey, Stacey's class was essential in my development and I still find the class challenging and affirming today.  She has been a fantastic instructor and, as a student, you can feel her real and personal commitment to bringing something special to our practice..."

Yoga Student

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