Therapy Services

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No matter our age or experience, life can be expected to hand us challenges.  When those challenges become too much to hold

on our own, therapy can offer opportunity to share the burden.  Therapy helps us to process our experiences without judgement

or justification, offers us a place where we can discover our own resilience, and uncover our inner strength and beauty.






What to Expect

Getting Started

After submitting your contact request you can expect to receive contact from me within 48 hours.  Here we begin the process of getting to know each other. We'll talk briefly (approximately 15 minutes) about your interest in therapy, and how you believe I may be able to be of assistance to you in this journey.  Please feel free to bring to this call any initial concerns or preferences, as well as any questions that you might have for me as we get started.  Should it seem that we are of good fit, an initial appointment will be scheduled.  Initial phone screenings are without charge.

Initial Appointment

It is at this appointment that we will first have opportunity to meet in person.  We will continue the conversation started in our phone call - discussing in more detail your concerns, questions, and goals for treatment.  I'll begin learning more about who you are, and how you came to begin therapy. This is also an opportunity for us to insure that we are well matched to do this work together.   If you are seeking treatment for a child, this appointment will be exclusively for the parents/guardians.  For teenage clients, determination will be during the initial phone screening as to who will attend this initial appointment based on age and circumstances. 

Ongoing Appointments

This is where our work will deepen.  Together we will begin the process of uncovering, exploring, learning, and moving you in the direction of your goals.  A variety of modalities may be integrated in this work, with all ages exploring through word, body, creativity, and play.


Counseling Service Fees & Scheduling

At this time no services are able to be filed directly to insurance.  All fees are required to be paid at the time of the service.  Clients can request bill for submission to their insurance provider to request insurance re-reimbursement for paid appointments.  In some cases HSA/FSA cards may be used for payment (at the discretion of the card manager).  Please check with your insurance provider directly, prior to scheduling, to inquire whether this option may be available to you. Payment can be made in person via cash or credit, no personal checks accepted at this time.

Complete contact request form to schedule an initial phone interview and discuss your needs.  Therapy appointments are scheduled in-person on a weekly basis unless otherwise agreed upon.  Parents/guardians are expected to meet for a parent appointment once monthly or as determined appropriate based on your child's needs.