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While meditation has gained popularity in the west over the last several decades, it is a practice that has been used in the world for centuries.  Meditation is a state of deep relaxation, where focused attention allows the practitioner to shed anxieties, responsibilities, and fears, boost creativity, and use objectivity to explore the richness of this human experience.

You probably already have meditative practiced and don't even know it!

Think you "can't" meditate?  Think again!

Have you ever....

Cleaned the house when you were angry?
Work off your day with a work out?

Taken a long hot quiet bath?

Worked a jigsaw puzzle?
Joyfully created, or enjoyed, a meal?

Found yourself in a fit of laughter?


Ok, these things are not meditations in and of themselves.  But they absolutely can, when engaged in the right way, become meditative - and you may have already been doing this without realizing it!  Meditation can take a number of different forms - and at the end of the day meditation comes down to intentionality & focused attention.  Don't let tropes of hours of numb cross-legged silence stop you from exploring how meditation might support you in your personal or therapy goals.

"Wow.  When we first started working with meditation it felt interminable!  I was so uncomfortable, and honestly pretty irritated we had "wasted" our time on this.  Thank you for holding space for that.  I just sat for 25 minutes and actually kind of enjoyed it!  I get it now."

Therapy Client

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