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Stacey actively contributes to local publications and conversations about mental health.  Use the links below to read more!

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Stoop Storytelling Podcast:  Out of Stigma's Shadow
Panelist: Live Feed Video, Facebook.  May 2019

Image by Alexander Krivitskiy

"Jewish Community Services and The Stoop Tackle the Stigma of Mental Health."

Contributor: JMore Living
May 2019

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič - @specialdad

"Anxiety in Kids Doesn't Always Look Like Anxiety"

Author: JCS Parenting Blog
January 2019

Image by Yuriy Bogdanov

"Suicide Awareness & Prevention"

Video Interview: Jewish Community Services, September 2018

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"A Meaningful Response to Suicide."
Contributed: Jewish Times
August 2018

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"Child therapist says parents should limit kids' exposure to shooting coverage."
Interview: WBAL Baltimore
February 2018

Image by Jordan Whitt


"How To Know If Your Child Needs a Therapist"

Author: JCS Parent Talk Blog
January 2018

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"Supporting Teens
on the Edge"

Contributor: Kol HaBirah
December 2017

Image by Sammie Vasquez


"Navigating School After an Adverse Life Event."

Contributor: Baltimore Fishbowl, November 2017

Girl by the Lake

"Disasters, Catastrophes, Mass Murders:  How to Cope with Trauma on TV."
Contributor: Baltimore Jewish Times, October 2017

Image by Tong Nguyen van


"Your Toddler is Not A Bully!"

Author: JCS Parent Talk Blog
February 2017


"Mental Health Advocates Remember Carrie Fischer 7 her Stigma-Busting Ways."

Video Interview: CBS Baltimore
December 2016

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"Explaining this Mad, Mad, World to Your Kids."

Author: JCS Parent Talk Blog
April 2016

Image by Sara Kurfeß


"Forging a Successful Relationship: "

Contributor: Jewish Abilities

Image by Nathan Anderson

"Family Matters: Navigating Family Dynamics with a Child with a Disability"

Contributor: Jewish Abilities

Child in Air Yoga

"Anxiety & Friendship: Encouraging Relationships for Children with Social Challenges"
Contributor: Jewish Women

Image by Sasha  Freemind


"That kind of thing doesn’t happen here…but it did."

Author: JCS Parent Talk Blog
January 2014

Image by Alexander Dummer


"The Dreaded, the Feared, the Infamous…Tantrums"

Contributor: JCS Parent Talk Blog
July 2013

Painting Eggs


"Nurturing Your Child's Individuality."

Author: JCS Parent Talk Blog
February 2013